Apple Cider Vinegar and Heartburn

Oct 17, 07 Apple Cider Vinegar and Heartburn

I was always wondering how does very acidic drink can cure heartburn which is caused by acid and LES dysfunction? Usually vinegar supporters claim that it helps by increasing acidity in the stomach. But won’t it hurt inflamed esophagus? Isn’t drinking lemon juice going to give the same effect. It is just slightly more acidic then vinegar according to

 Here is a quote from an article I recently posted on my web site at

“Claims of apple cider vinegar’s effectiveness are anecdotal at best. It’s rarely been tested methodically, the way a drug would be, simply because that kind of research is usually funded by pharmaceutical companies and apple cider vinegar isn’t a pharmaceutical product so of no interest to them. The companies that could benefit from it being proven effective don’t have the money to fund the kind of research required.”

“And there is the possibility that it actually does work for some people. As mentioned, different remedies work for different people when it comes to GERD. It’s hard to cite any one cure as THE best option in every case. The point is, don’t pin all your hopes on a folk remedy whose usefulness is anecdotal and unproven.”

So read it and decide for yourself…