The Importance of Exercise

Oct 23, 09 The Importance of Exercise

ExersiceOne of the most basic elements of living a healthy life is getting an adequate amount of exercise. Proper exercise is unfortunately one of the most ignored factors in a healthy lifestyle, which is one of the main reasons why obesity is becoming such a common problem. The majority of individuals do not get enough exercise to balance their caloric intake, which results in excessive weight gain. To live a truly healthy life, you need to be familiar with the basics of good exercise, as well as how regular exercise can benefit your body.

The Benefits of Exercise

Increase your Basal Metabolic Rate (BML)
One of the best benefits associated with exercise is that over time, you will increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Your BMR is defined as the amount of energy you burn while resting. As a general rule, increasing your muscle mass (even by a small amount) causes a subsequent increase in your BMR. This means that you will eventually have higher caloric requirements to satisfy your active lifestyle. This is also a great way to lose extra weight, as your body increases its percentage of lean muscle mass.

Improve your Mood
Scientific studies have proven that regular exercise promotes a general feeling of well-being. This usually manifests by you feeling much more relaxed and happier during your daily activities. In addition to this, exercise also reduces stress and promotes a positive self-image. As your body begins to display the positive effects of your exercise routine, you will begin to notice that your confidence will increase as well. It’s a proven fact that regular exercise is also one of the best ways to prevent depression.

Weight Management
Weight loss is one of the most common benefits normally associated with regular exercise. However, there are different types of exercise that will affect your level of weight loss. As a general rule, long-term low-intensity cardio is the best way to maintain healthy weight loss over a period of time. More intense cardio exercises are useful for improving your endurance, aiding your cardiovascular health and may sometimes contribute to building muscle mass (depending on the specific type of cardio exercise).

Developing an Exercise Routine
The most common problem that many people in relation to exercise is having sufficient willpower to actually follow an exercise routine. However, this can be accomplished easily with some simple motivational tactics. Try to set a goal that involves the type of benefits that you are looking to get out of your exercise routine. If you are trying to lose weight, set a goal of from 1-3 pounds of weight loss per week. It’s important to keep in mind that muscle has a higher density than fat, and subsequently weighs more. As you build muscle, adjust your weight loss goals so that they reflect the amount of muscle that you are gaining. Try to aim for losing “inches” of fat from key areas instead, since this is usually a better guideline to follow in how effective your exercise routine is.