How to Treat a Baby with Reflux

Jan 31, 12 How to Treat a Baby with Reflux

If your baby has reflux, it’s easy to get discouraged. Reflux may be very painful for some babies, which can result in many sleepless nights for parents. As with any treatment suggestions for babies, reflux should be treated under guidance from your pediatrician. Here are a few of the treatments that some parents use for babies with reflux.

Inclined Sleeping
One effective way to reduce the effects of reflux is to have your baby sleep at an incline. Because reflux is so common, many companies now sell “crib wedges” and other tools that will allow you to safely incline your baby’s crib mattress. Inclined sleeping helps to keep stomach acid and food in your baby’s stomach, helping to reduce the effects of reflux.

Baby Antacid Medication
Your pediatrician may prescribe an antacid medication specifically designed for babies. Never give a baby an adult antacid medication! Adult medications often include ingredients that are unsafe for babies.

Smaller, Frequent Feedings
A baby with reflux may benefit from smaller feedings spaced over a certain time period, rather than one or two large feedings. This allows the stomach to digest the milk, formula or food before more is introduced into the digestive system, which also reduces the chance for reflux.